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The Conference  | Bakersfield, CA

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Are you interested in being a part of the team behind Overcomher? Fill out an application HERE!

Applications are due: January 24th, 2020.

Info on Round 2: COMING SOON.


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What is The Overcom(h)er Conference?
Overcomher is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation. It was founded on the idea of providing women in our community with the tools they need to achieve their dreams. There is a culture surrounding women (and we're partly to blame) that causes us to play the "comparison-game" and leaves us believing we aren't good enough to do BIG things. And we are. We are all beautiful and unique, and we can achieve ANYTHING we set our minds to.
Our goal is: to change the way women think about themselves, and change the way they interact with the people around them. Your happiness is in your own hands, and we want to put you back in the Driver's Seat. We strive to show you the beauty that you are, and encourage you to pursue your purpose with excitement because there is only ONE of you- and this world NEEDS what you've got.
Whether you are a wife, mother, business owner, thinking of starting a side hustle, wanting to join the self-love club, or just wanting to be a stronger more powerful version of yourself-
this Conference is for you.