Overcomher is a   nonprofit organization   founded on the principle of utilizing women in our community of Bakersfield, California (and surrounding areas) to help inspire other women to become the best versions of themselves. We are building a new kind of community from the ground up- by teaching women to grow together, celebrate strengths and diversity, and shift their thinking to learn to love themselves more and be more confident in who they are and what they can do.
Our ultimate goal is to watch the women in our community stand together, hand in hand, to support each other through life, in mentorship, education and fellowship, and in taking a stand against the status quo. We're building a community of wives, mothers, grandmothers, business owners, aspiring business owners, side hustlers, students, daughters, employees, trailblazers- WOMEN. Who want to do better, so they can be better, for themselves and those around them.
We are cultivating a community of dreamers and turning them into a community of doers. Whatever you're doing, Overcomher wants to support you on your journey. Whether you are on your journey- This one's for you.